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About Us

We are just people who had enough of the old ways of existing and surviving. On our quest and search for something else, we did not only collect a lot of wisdom through experience, we also found each other, realizing we are not alone in our vision for a completely different way of living and thriving! This platform is a home and gathering place for those that resonate in their core with an unconditional way of being and doing. The Absolicious Life. Join the fflock when you truly feel the inner motivation for an augmented co-creation of the new paradigm for humanity (we call it Absolutia), based on unconditional principles and the laws of nature. 

The endeavor is big? Yes, it is. We know what was started cannot be stopped. We are not doing this alone - we are doing it together. Why? Because we can!

Why You Should Join Us

Are you looking for an unconditional place, where you can truly thrive, and where you can not only share, but are appreciated for your essence and your creativity?  Are you a true unconditional pioneer for the new paradigm of humanity? Do you consider yourself a driver for evolution, ready to co-create and construct incredible new ways in all fields of society, going beyond anything we knew from our linear experience of space-time? Do you feel like being part of a playweb of amazing, unconditional, aware, loving and dedicated people? Then this is your place! We can't wait to meet you! 

A Big Thanks

We are incredibly grateful for each and everyone who has crossed or will cross our path. This includes you! All of what is happening is an augmented co-creation - enabling a new world to birth, while an old world is dying - and with it the Second Renaissance and the Age of Innocence to unfold. 

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